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Virgin Voyages


Music performance + Event management


November 2021 - Current

Virgin Voyages

Scarlet Lady - The Bahamas (Nassau registered)
Valiant Lady - The Mediterranean
Brilliant lady - The Balkans
Resilient Lady - Australia

First ever Soloist Performer

Live Performer

After 2020, Virgin Voyages had a plan. Solo musicians on cruise lines historically had been the same thing; an iPad, 100 songs, some chords.

Virgin wanted to do things differently. They contacted Morf to assist them in the development of "new unique soloists" on their new cruise line.

As well as performing, Morf worked closely with the entertainments department, and ultimately the position of unique/modern solo musician, for the first time in Cruise line history, became a hugely impactful part of the entertainment lineup; with raving customer feedback.

Morf to date continues to work with Virgin as their first ever "rockstar soloist"

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