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John Challis (He/Him) is a Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Beatboxer and one man music mega machine.

To date, John is one of the most viewed independent musicians on the internet; amounting millions of views over various performances of his stand-out ability and unique style. He has been described by Michael Anthony Strahan (GMA; Ex Pro Football player) in an interview as "one of the most unique artists we've ever seen", as well as being told by Robbie Williams working on ITV that his guitar playing is "unmatched". 

Starting as a street musician, John built a vast respectable fanbase by performing on streets all over the world, with a dedicated professional attitude towards his performances which made him stand out from the typical street musician. His ability to engage huge crowds of people as if they'd just paid to enter a full venue caught the eye of many events organisers, as well as celebrities around the world. 

His very unique approach to street performing; treating the street as a stage and putting on the same level of show you'd expect in a theatre or stadium, secured John a fast track from the street to the big stage; where he has performed for the likes of Formula 1 Grand Prix, Dubai Fashion Week, Disney, Virgin Voyages, ABC News, Good Morning America, ITV (UK), the BBC, ESPN, Wimbledon Tennis Championships (UK), NAMM (California) and he was even invited to present a TedX about his unique experiences as a performer, alongside the likes of Alyssa Carlton (the first woman to go to Mars). 

After the events of 2020, John was contacted by the head of entertainment of Virgin Voyages to join them in the creation of a "new age of entertainment" on their brand new cruise ship line. The combination of John's unique approach to music, as well as his vast experience in performance events of all shapes and sizes, made him the perfect candidate to "switch up the way music is done on the seas". The project was a roaring success; with raving customer reviews, expansion of unique solo artists to all 4 of Virgins planned ships, and to date John continues to work with Virgin Voyages as their "Soloist Rockstar". 

With over a decade of experience under his belt, coupled with the sheer motivation to always give 150% to the crowd; no matter the weather, time, place or atmosphere, John has proven to be a very valuable asset to any event. 

.... Oh, and he's cheaper than booking a whole band! 


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Formula 1 Musician
Dubai Musician
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