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Morf's growing popularity is down to his unique twist on traditional music. Using instruments the way they were not designed to be played; an Acoustic guitar as a drum, a Voice as a drum kit or bass line. Constantly experimenting with new sounds and ideas, Morf is able to create something fresh and apply it to every new song he creates.


About Morf

The Worlds Most Famous Street Guitarist

To date, Morf has been seen by over 100,000,000 people online and offline. By creating a unique method of playing the acoustic guitar, Morf was able to create a stir with his crowds by making a full band using his hands and his voice. 

After being featured worldwide with major media coverage; including 'Good Morning America', 'ESPN', 'LadBible', and many more, Morf has grown in the public eye and amounted a large fanbase.

Morf continues to perform on the street; his routes, routinely gathering crowds of well over 1000 in any given area, but his performance skills transfer onto the big stage; keeping the close connection from the street between him and his crowd, and creating a close connection emotional frenzy that many musicians are not able to recreate.

The street performances allow Morf to remain in touch with society, and the people, giving him an incredibly unique edge many musicians no longer have.


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